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Fancharacter Thread

Started by TheRaven, December 19, 2013, 02:53:54 AM

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Here you may post your fan character's bios, and yes it can be a fan character from any franchise not just Mighty No. 9.  :beckgladwink  Anyway I came up with a fan character for Mighty No. 9 while at work today. Maybe it's too early to make a new character but meh.

Name: Jack, Mighty No. 13

Age: Unknown

Abilities: See bellow. ;)

Appearance: Looks similar to Beck, aside from a few features. His armor is black and gold, and his eyes are red. His black hair sticks out through his helmet as well, and covers his eyes slightly.


After Beck and Call were created the Dr. thought it would be best to make a copy of Beck himself, just in case anything was to happen to Beck. However he didn't want to name him after Beck, after all it'd be pretty confusing to keep up with 2 Becks right? So the name Jack had been selected, and at the time was the thirteenth robot that had been created.

Growing up Beck, Jack, and Call got along pretty well. Jack's personality was very similar to Beck's, however he quickly developed feelings for Call. Call rejected him three times before the computer glitch struck and took over. Now with an enemy who is basically a copy of Beck himself, he must face him in battle! However the two would be evenly matched, who can take down such a villain?

Maybe later I'll add more to his bio, but this is honestly all that kept going through my mind today.


Eh I suppose I should post about my Teen Titans fan characters as well, seeing how you can start a roleplay based around other franchises. xD Lets start off with my first one shall we? I just updated his bio not too long ago. :P

Name: Blaze (His original name was horrible and was Lightdude... I made the character when I was 13 though.)

Age: 19

Height/Weight: 5'9" 178 lbs.


Long black hair, blue eyes, wears a black hoodie, wears black shorts, and has black skate shoes.

Powers: Light (But soon to be changed possibly in a new fanfiction.)

Background: Giving the gift of powers Blaze has always fought alongside the heroes. Ever since his brother murdered their parents, he fought for justice. After his brother left their hometown to head towards Jump City to cause chaos and destruction, it was up to Blaze to follow him and stop his plans. When he finally made it to JC, he became friends with the Titans themselves. After years of fighting alongside the Titans, and no sign of his brother he decided to call JC his new home and the Teen Titans his new family. Him and Raven are now dating as well. But he wonders if his brother will ever strike, after all it's been years since he first step foot in Jump City...