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Favicon for the site?

Started by Diplomacide, January 15, 2014, 12:23:05 AM

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I'm pretty sure you guys are already working on this, but having a favicon for the site would really make it a bit more uhh...comfy.

In case you guys don't know what a favicon is, it's that lil' icon that's next to the name of the site in your browser's tabs. They're usually 16x16, and generally easy to add. I suggest maybe a little Beck face or the 9 in the MN9 logo for the actual icon.


There were plans for adding one but it never got done in the end. I'll look into it shortly.


The old forum had one, but after moving from one host to another that never did happen oops. :V I'm not sure if I still have the image or not but it was Beck's face IIRC. If anyone would like to make one that'd be cool as it would be probably better than the old one anyways... :V


I've added a favicon. It may take clearing your cookies for it to show.