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Mighty Fanfiction!

Started by epicnights, January 16, 2014, 12:22:38 PM

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Hello, all!

Now, I noticed that there was a distinct lack of fanfiction in the Mighty No. 9 Community as of yet. Well say goodbye to those days! I have actually been writing a fanfiction for Mighty No. 9! Now, some of you may have already heard of it, but I figured I would show it here. But enough of my blather, it's time for me to reveal the magnificent adventure of...

Tales of Illia!

Indeed! I came up with the idea for a story after Call I lost, so I decided that I should do something to continue rallying support for her. however, it has now blossomed into a full blown story, that I'm glad to be sharing with you all! The link above leads to the folder containing the story, I hope you all enjoy!


It's awesome to see some fanfiction based around MN9! ^_^ I'll check it out later and let you know what I think about it so far. :)


Reading it right now. Hopefully my eye won't pop when I'm done.


Chapter 7 up! Hope you enjoy! :D

Negative Nine

 Please may you upload this to the misc games folder on so that I can download and view it properly on my iPad. Also, thank you for making this. It's proof that the fandom flame will not simply go out. It will keep burning.