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Site Advertisement Suggestions Thread

Started by Swan Dive, January 27, 2014, 07:28:08 PM

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Swan Dive

Well since I couldn't reply to the announcement here:">viewtopic.php?f=3&t=445

I made a new topic.  

(and sorry if a topic like this exists or if it's not needed)

Anyways, here's a first idea: Maybe you could add a "Fan Sites" section to the MN9 Wiki (if it's allowed) and add in this forum as a link?

I'd do it myself but I have no experience in using wikias.  I have seen people use them to list fan sites before though, so that's where I got the idea and thought I'd throw it out there.


Swan Dive

Nope, I have not.  Thanks for the link.


It wouldn't hurt to add the link on the other wiki as well right? I think it would depend on the sysops though, but I doubt they would have a problem with it.


Major bump! Out of curiosity does anyone else have any ideas on how to advertise the forums? I'd love to hear what other people may suggest as well. :)


The regular stuff:

1. SNs outreach: reddit thread&account, twitter, Digg, facebook, youtube, etc.

2. Contest & events: raffles?

3. Provide original content, than a forum.

4. Rewards & showmanship: One time only badges, banners, signatures, shillings


Hope for Profit?

Campaign needs to be more vigorous than the MN9 group, and offer something more than a fansite of something that has it's own gravity.

However, with the lack of updates, and lost zeal, I am not seing so much success. If you are up to it, go ahead and do it.


Well, the first stage is complete. We've moved server and have changed forum software to something a little more feature pleasant.


Here's hoping this is the start to something once again!


Yes! :D We have some new features as well, features that even the official forums don't have sadly... :P Not to mention I think we're getting a big update on the game tomorrow too, so it may give me a opportunity to make a short video advertising MN9U. xD