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spoilers don't seem to work

Started by TechnoWolf, March 18, 2014, 06:41:31 PM

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I've put my signature between spoiler (I figured not everybody want to be slapped in the face with my gamercards) but it seems not to be working.

I'm using the (spoiler) ; (/spoiler) and it doesn't seem to be doing too well...

bug or TechnoWolf is a very bad forum user ?


Sorted it for you TechnoWolf. :)

The spoiler tag comes up like this:
I'm a text element
whereas spoilerbox comes up as a clickable element. [spoilerbox]I'm a text element[/spoilerbox].

Hope that helps!


Oh, okay. Didn't pay much attention to the spoilerbox, so I guess the answer was "TechnoWolf being a very bad forum user" :p

thanks a lot