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What platform are you getting the game on?

Started by TheRaven, January 23, 2015, 12:33:24 AM

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 Alright since we're very close to the release date I'm guessing most of us have determined what platform they will be getting the game for. So just for fun, let us know what platform you'll be playing MN9 on! As for me, most likely PC since I have a nice gaming rig now, though I'm getting a PS4 with my tax return so I might get the PS4 version. (Though I'm more leaning towards the PC version honestly...)


 PC for me as well. Not that I have any choice though, since it's pretty much my only gaming platform.


 PC, and I should check with comcept if I can modify my delivery adress since I recently moved into a new appartment.


Welp I ended up getting the PS4 version. I remember seeing copies of the Wii U version when I worked at Walmart, I kind of wish I got a copy on the Wii U. I might get it on PC soon, it can't be too expensive right? Maybe I could look into modding it. :V